Purified 3D is a semi professional paintball team based out of Houston, TX. We meet every Sunday at the local paintball field and challenge other local teams to ranked semi

pro level games. We are always looking for new friends and potential team members, so if you love paintball and the outdoors, come on down and hang out! Our core team is made

up of 4 squad leaders: Chris, Tim, Jason and Luke. We have been life long friends and always loved to play paintball. Recently we snagged ourselves several professional grad

sponsors and it has really helped take our game to the next level!

We respect all rules of the paintball field and expect the same from any potential new recruits. Safety and fun are our primary concerns, while rising through the local

ranking ladder is also a good goal! So remember to be safe and come out and enjoy the sunny weather! We love paintball and really enjoy sharing our latest exploits with the

world! We are also avid hunters and outdoor explorers, so if you are into that we will definitely get along well!

November 20, 2015