5 reasons the Tippmann A5 is amazing!

So we recently we did a writeup of the best 3 paintball guns on the market, and received quite as few emails asking whether the Tippmann A5 marker or the Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball gun.To go a bit deeper into it, we have decided to list the top 5 reasons we think the tippmann A5 is one of the most amazing paintball guns on the market right now. Hopefully this will put the debate to rest and leave you with a clear picture of our recommendation for the best paintball gun on the market. Take a look at these pointers for the next time you are looking to upgrade your paintball equipment.

custom tippmann a5 paintball gun

  1. Customization factor: The Tippmann A5 is HIGHLY customization. The range of premium level accessories is extremely diverse. From extended barrels that convert the entire paintball marker into a long range sniper paintball gun, to high speed automatic e-triggers that turn it into a 15 balls per second rapid fire death machine. You can spend as much or as little on tippmann a5 upgrades as you like, as the base model is absolutley fantastic as is. But, with a little extra investment you can have yourself a truly elite level paintball marker.
  2. The cyclone feed system: The amazing cyclone feed system comes with the base model Tippmann A5 paintball gun, and is one of the best things about it. It uses the co2 from each shot to load the next paintball. Not only that but it keeps 5 balls chambered at all times to ensure a constant non stop feed of paintballs smoothly into the gun. This helps avoid breakage in the barrel by up to 90%! even with a fully automatic trigger installed, there is a steady supply of paint that shoots perfectly every time you pull the trigger.
  3. the picatinny rail system: This ties into point number one, the rail system allows for quick swapping of all sorts of accessories, from red dot sights to tactical flashlights and front grips for added accuracy. This makes changing your Tippmann A5 to fit your desired playstyle super easy and you can swap a long range outdoor setup for a tight cqc combat combat configuration in under a minute. The Tippmann 98 Custom also has this great feature as well and many of the accessories are interchangeable.
  4. Ease of cleaning: Due to the amazing cyclone feed system, there is usually very little need to scrub down the inside of the barrel, and if you need to clean the inside of this paintball gun, simply undo the 2 hex screws that keep the body together and you are all set.
  5. The accuracy: The A5 standard barrel is one of the most accurate paintball gun barrels on the market. So much so that many other markers from competing manufactures have set their threading to be the same, as many people switch out the barrels on those guns for the A5. A 98 custom with an A5 barrel is also a good option if you can find one second hand.

tippmann a5 review

So there you have it, 5 reasons why the tippmann A5 is an awesome paintball gun for players of all skill levels!

November 26, 2015

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The Number 1 Reason You Need To Use a paintball mask!

Everyone knows the most important safety rule for playing paintball is you never, ever, take off your paintball mask while on the field. With the high speed that paintballs travel at, and their small size, it could be very easy to be hit in the eye. Losing your vision is a life ruining experience and by simply wearing a visor, googles or full face paintball mask you completely eliminate the chances of injury. Last Saturday down at the local playing field there was a new recruit who was walking across the field with his mask pushed up. This is a major mistake and one he will certainly never make again. Even though he was out, did not call out and raise his hands. So during his walk across the play space, some confused players began to shoot at him. The first hits smacked into his chest and startled him. This caused him to panic and knock his paintball mask off the top of his head when he frantically tried to get it back in place.

a very cool paintball mask
check out this badass paintball gear setup

Bending down to pick it up, he took the next barrage of paintballs directly in the head and face. One such hit narrowly missed his right eye and left a massive bruise on his cheek and eyebrow. To say he was very lucky that day is to under sell it. He could have easily lost an eye if one of those rouge paintballs had hit him in the right spot. He was left with minor injuries and took a very good scare, which in our opinion was much needed. Now he will remember forever the reasons why paintball masks are so important in this game. While he was shook up, everyone made sure he was ok and after sitting down for a few minutes, rejoining the paintball game for the next round, this time with mask firmly in place.paintball safety mask

So, we now always recommend going for comfort and quality over just trying to spend less money on paintball masks, as it will be easier to keep it on at all times. Remember, your eyes are very important to you, you only have one pair and they are irreplaceable. So I tell people, go with quality masks or goggles, ones you feel like you’re not going to want to take off your head every five minutes because they fog up or make you sweat. Ideally avoid rental masks as they tend to be uncomfortable and a pain in the ass. They are the cheapest of the cheap. You want a quality paintball mask to wear that’s comfortable. A single lens design is great, very basic and in high humidity, it’s not going to fog up on you. We hope you now understand the importance of keeping your paintball mask on at all times, we don’t want to hear about any more eye injuries, playing paintball is supposed to be fun!


November 9, 2015

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From Beginner to Pro, the 3 Best Paintball Guns of 2015

As semi pro paintball players, we often get asked about our top choices for paintball guns and gear. So many people have been asking in fact we decided to do a big writeup on

what we think are currently the best 3 paintball guns on the market. This is a guide for beginners to pros as these markers cover the gamut for all skill levels. To us there

is only really 2 brands of paintball markers you are going to want to look at when searching for some new equipment. They are: Empire and Tippmann. Both of these companies

produce high quality equipment and are in constant competition with each other for the top spot.


So lets kick off our list of the best paintball gun for sale in 2015! To start it off, of course this is one everyone has heard of, the infamous Tippmann 98 Custom! This is

the essential all round marker and a great beginner paintball gun for those getting into the sport. It is very durable and can stand up to whatever you can throw at it, be

dropped in mud and still fire perfectly. The price is usually around $100 and is a fantastic addition to any players arsenal. There is also the widest range of accessories

and upgrades available for this classic marker. It is definitely worth taking a look at!


tippmann 98 custom best paintball gun

Next up, for those with a bit more experience, or a slightly higher budget: the Tippmann A5. The A5 is a great intermediate level paintball gun and much like the 98 custom,

has a wide range of upgrade and accessory options. The longer barrel means higher accuracy and there is an optional full auto and burst firing system that is extremely

popular these days. The cyclone hopper system means far less broken balls in the chamber and maximizes performance. This is one of the best paintball guns for woodsball as the

high fire rate and excellent accuracy ratings mean it will give you the power you need to dominate the field. An excellent choice over the more beginner friendly 98 custom,

and comes in at about $150.

tippmann a5 paintball gun review


Finally to round off our list is the insanely awesome Empire Event Mini. This small sized paintball gun packs an awesome punch and is considered one of the best markers in

the world right now. It offers an amazing full auto electronic trigger system. This allows you to rapid fire tons of paintballs down range as quickly as possible and is a

great choice for those players who love to play speedball on a regular basis. This paintball gun is a bit more expensive than the tippmann options, but for semi-pro or

professional level players, it is an easy choice.

We hope this list of the best paintball guns of 2015 helps you make and informed decision when it comes time to gear up again. We think we managed to cover most of the major

selling points on these high end markers and would love to hear your opinions in the comments below! Happy gaming

September 25, 2015

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